At Mini Sport we offer our own engineering department which has gained international recognition for our innovation in motorsport performance parts as well as economic and high-quality parts for road.

Our new CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) facility will offer us the opportunity to expand on our engineering, design and development to improve products for both classic and contemporary Mini’s.

Here is a quick snap to give you all a taster of our new CNC facility.

The concrete floor has just been laid and we are in the process of installing 2 new machines shown above and also the new laser etcher CAD machine.

The other 3 CNC machines currently in use are being moved over in the next 3-4 weeks giving us a total 6 CNC machines and a huge capacity for the design, development and production of a huge rage of products and components.

Due to fully open by the end of June, I’m sure you will agree this is an exciting time for Mini Sport!