Mini Sport are due to launch their very latest CNC machines which will revolutionise the machining processes already in place.

The new Laser Etching machine allows text, images, logos, graphics and even photos to be machined onto nearly every product Mini Sport produces in house.

This picture above shows the Mini Sport 1.5:1 roller tip rockers wearing their new laser etched Mini Sport logo.

Laser etching allows much smaller logos and information to be machined into products like rocker arms whereas previously this would have had to be machined in to the face, much the same as the face of the 4 pot caliper. To give you an idea of speed, the laser etcher can etch in the Mini Sport logo on a batch of 5 rockers arms in 5 seconds!

Keep you eyes peeled over the next few weeks for more exclusive Mini Sport products sporting the new laser etching logo!

Mini Sport Roller Tip Rockers