Hi all

Am all at sea as I e-mail you all, am sitting in the lounge of Sir Robert Bond having a beer, I have just set sail from Cartwright in Labrador on a 12hr passage to Happy Valley-Goose Bay as we have run out of road….. I have already had a sample of things to come when it comes to dirt roads…….have clocked up about 900km(600mls) straight run on gravel, as of this moment some of these gravel roads are better than the trans canadian highway having already bust two top shocker bolts on the front on the tarmac roads……. I think i’ve sorted that problem out otherwise the Mr Bean van is doing ok and have cloaked up about 7500km to date, my biggest problem is dust from the gravel roads its got into everywhere……..when I open the rear door about 2 kilos of dust falls out and you can see it being sucked in through what was the drivers door (the mini was built that way to let the water out,but i don’t care as i am having a great drive, these have to be the best rally stages in the world, they are endless and so wide you just switch the autopilot on and use one hand to drive, I came of the Island of Newfoundland by ferry to Labrador about 5 days ago and was escorted by two big rigs all day to my destination for the night, we kept about a mile apart and you could judge your speed by how much dust you made we ran at about 80km hour you should be doing 70km……..anyway were were pasted by another big rig with two trailer doing 100plus…….what a sight as it wiped me out in the dust and into the future as past on bye, you could see it or the dust for the next 6km.

Two days later I did the last 260km and only saw one vehicle on that day……….can’t what for the Yukon and Alaska part of the journey.

I am now starting to travel west proper and in about two weeks time I should hit the flat land were they tell me that you can see your dog running for three days…… I can also make up some time as it is very difficult to leave this eastern or atlantic side as they call it, the people have to be the most friendly and helpful in the world.

Once I get to goose bay most of the road is gravel for the next 1500km and I keep hearing stores about the road, I don’t have any contact by now that has well gone…….. I am told they like you to hire a satellite phone and hand it in at the end of the road…..we will see….. I will also try keeping in touch by e-mail it should get better once I get into middle canada………. I  don’t mind you sending me e-mails…..if you get the chance,

Regards to you all, Diddy