This picture shows “Diddy” Dave and his van at Mini Sport before he set off on his World Adventure – “The Wrong Way Round”

Dave has just updated us with his adventure;

Hi Lou and all my friends back home,
Its my first e-mail since my journey started in Halifax back on the 1st may… is Monday 25th may and its 9.30 eastern seaboard time add 4 hours onto that i think,all is great with me am loving it so much so i keep stopping 7days here 4days there and have not got two Newfoundland yet,tomorrow i may get to the boat or i may not……what the heck that takes me there.
All started back in Halifax when the van arrived….customs and border guys were great i did not have to pay a bond on the vehicle(smooth talker me) i even got them out of the office in downtown Halifax for a photo,we cant do that(come on i said i wont tell anyone) once clear of Halifax i headed towards New Brunswick and Prince Edward island and along the 12km 8miles CONFEDERATION BRIDGE over the sea,WOW,WOW i spent 7/8 days there working on a house 3days welding about trailer(paying job) i left the island by ferry at woods island to Caribou Nova Scotia,then onto Cape Breton Island and the cape Breton highlands national park,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW its a big version of Scotland,no deer but the moose tastes good,very body stops and talks to me and wants to look at my MR BEAN car as they call it,I’ve been living of lobster and crab (its a tuff live on the road) had about 10 days of rain at the start,the sun has been with me for the last 7days but looks like rain for N.F.LAND,suntan is coming on OK all over.
Looking forward to N.F.LAND and a visit to a camp site there that was given to me back in Halifax by CHRIS at the customs place,well what are friends for(its his sister).
Will try and keep contact by text………lost the signal on cape Breton for 5days it may be the same on N.F.LAND but more so when i go to LABRADOR its a lot more north.
AM MISSING YOU ALL,no I’m not…..well a little bit……….
P.S had the BANJO out……it seems to keep the BEARS AWAY.