MON 8th JUNE 8.00pm

Just got internet access; arrived Wed 27th May by ferry 6hrs crossing and was warned not to drive at night by most people on the boat as the moose here are the size of elephants,they put are deer to shame the size of them, the problem is there antlers act as tin openers and will cut the roof of your vehicle.

Port-aux-basques to st johns is a 900km straight drive I will go there some time in the coming week as I promised to call on the Mini guys there but till then i will be going of the main trans canada highway (tch) no1 and calling into some other places such as gros morne nat park west of the island and into twillingate to see the ice burgs have a look on Google Earth (I think ) there is so much to see and made friends wherever i go, the people are just the best.

I landed at St Johns on Friday afternoon and camped in pippa park in the centre of the city, on my journey from the ferry to St Johns i past some guys and girls from the canadian navy they have for the last 14 years run this 900km to raise money for kids. I passed them about 3 times on the tch and made friends with them, i told them i would be in st johns on sat, so they asked me to come to the ship when they finish on sat.

I also hooked up with mini guys and was given the tour of all the best places…….cape spear the most eastley point of North America ( as close to the uk as you can get) cabot tower were the first transatlantic wireless message by Marconi was sent 12 Dec 1901. Also where Alcot and Brown made that first transaltantic air flight in 1919 in 16hrs – so much history here with world war 2 also these guys fought on our side and lost so many.

On sunday I start at zero of the tch and head west and double back on myself for the first time(and only once I hope) I have a call to make at a place called bishops fall its a camp for mentally and physically challenged individuals, I came by this place by going to a lions meeting in twillingate last monday night and was told you must call on this place and see it for your self. I landed here on sunday night and looks like i will be here for a week as i have been adopted by five guys called pioneers’ and they like the lions do good work for people,we are building a small unit on site for the people…..all these guys are in there 70/80s and they do it for the love of it and for nothing…….anyway folks that’s it for now… lou i should be ok to keep contact this week as they have asked me to stay and help……

lots of love to you all d.d