WOW! What an achievement, the official Mini Sport website has just received a Page Rank of 5 by Google this morning…

After over 2 years of design, development, building and testing our current e-commerce website we have achieved a superb milestone this morning, with a Google Page Rank of 5.

Google page rank is Googles own numeric way of representing how important a website is on the world wide web. The higher the number, the more important and each website is given a number out of  10.

It is very very hard to get a good page rank, as an example Ebay has a Page Rank of 7, The BBC has a Page Rank of 9, even Google only has a Page Rank of 8!

Google Page Rank is explained in detail on WikiPedia for any of you that are interested.

We are now working hard to achieve our next milestone, a Google Page Rank of 6!

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