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Update on things after leaving Jasper and starting at mile zero of the Alaskan Highway that starts at Dawson Creek, the road is paved to Fort Nelson and onto Watson Lake on the way I camped at a place called liard hot springs and yes I tested the water there it was fantastic even with those damn mozzies about.

After a good sleep I headed for Watson Creek, this place I believe has the biggest collection of signs in the world I then set about driving along the Robert Campbell Highway this was the start of the gravel that I would be on for the next 10 days and all that dust again….. believe me it gets in everywhere…. my new sleeping bag is full of it and my clothes don’t last long they to are black……..

The weather is good to great most days and seeing I am talking to friends I know, I will let you all in to a little secret and as there are few people on the road I usually don’t bother to wear any clothes any way as its to hot and the aircon is not working at this moment as the roof vent is blocked with bugs plus its cheaper to have a shower or jump in the lake.

Next stopover was in a place called Ross River I am now in the Yukon and would soon be on the Dempster Highway so i spent half a day sorting things out on the van.

The drive pods on the gear box do play a little bit on my mind but with some positive ways they will be fine, so it would seen that the araldite on one boot is working on one side the other with cling film seen to be doing its job but decided to repack that one and replace the cling film before refitting the full sump guard and checking all four corners.

Before heading for the start of the dempster and the 900kms drive to Inuvik (ice road truckers country) its a dead end when i get there so i have to come back down if all works out I hope to be in Dawson City for the weekend of the 18/19th for a music festival.

But before that I will cross into the Arctic on the 14th were i will celebrate my birthday in proper billy connelly style… the proof will be on the DVD…..

I then will be in another provence this it will be the Northwest Territory……. I am still 8 hours behind you all back home, but go back to 7hrs while in the n w t…… then it goes back to 8 when i get to Alaska……so guys i will sign of for now.

Just a final note……. cell phone does not exist here and will not for some time to come, my only chance is e-mail and that is also sometime a problem…… there is nothing up here but dust, Bison, Moose, Caribou, Lynx, Puma, black Bear, wild dogs and that’s another story about them….

it’s about 10pm on monday night as i sit in a small bar and steal their internet to let you all know that i am fine, I am so lucky to be here it is one hell of a place to be…. you cant describe it, you have to sample it…it blows you away…

that’s it guys, Diddy

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