Saturday 18th july 4pm approx… a Alaska at a place called Chicken.

Just a short update, I left Inuvik on Thursday and started to head back down the Dempster Highway its about 900km to the T Junction at the bottom. I drove half way to Eagle Plains that day and the rest on Friday to mile 0 at Klondik junction.

A stopover on Friday night……. the plan if I have a plan was to stop in Dawson City for a few days as there is a music festival on the go. After spending half a day I decided to move on…… my reason…. well think of the old cowboy films and Dodge City… well it’s still a bit like that with a touch of the modern world…… so I drove out of town and hit that dust trail again this time i was going to check the border out and see if the Americarmoes would let me in …….. there would not be a problem, but till your in your not in, mind you I was going in on the dirt road and not the main south to north road……. 
I arrived at the border and filled in a form….. I even got them to stamp my scottish passport for me…… o they don’t like photos taken…….nearly locked me up for that one….. I jumped in the van and hit the dirt again……. this road is called the the Highway in the Sky……. it sure is and at about 3pm local I decided to park my saddle at a small place called Chicken……. tell you what guys the beer is cheaper and more meaty than i’ve had to date…. 
ok friends time to sign of and to say thanks to one and all of you I have meet on my travels…you are part of the dream and I thank you……
will try and keep you all up to date………Diddy Dave