dd-grandeprairieGrande Prairie, named because of the large prairie which lies to the north, east, and west of it, is a city in northwest Alberta, Canada within the southern portion of an area known as Peace River Country. It is located at the intersection of Highway 43 (part of the CANAMEX Corridor) and Highway 40 (the Bighorn Highway), approximately 456 km (283 mi) northwest of Edmonton.

Grande Prairie is the seventh-largest city in Alberta with a population 55,032 as recorded by the 2011 Census, and was one of Canada’s fastest growing cities between 2001 and 2006. It is the largest city between Edmonton and Fairbanks, Alaska.


Here is Daves report from 07/06/2009

“Keith and Deb are great mini fans…..Debs is nuts about them….she told me to say hello to Chris back at Mini Sport….she even gave me a free-phone no to ring to contact them should i need any help…..all this came about from Paul Malone in St Johns in Newfoundland to whom I am grateful.

So I am now back on the road and good to go…. and go it is. It took me four and a half days to get through Ontario doing six to seven hundred km a day to get into the next Provence of Manitoba then Saskatchewan. That only took two days in each an easy one before Alberta. All of these provences are flat as glass but as I got close to Calgary I could start to see the Rockies.

I stopped off in Calgary at the stampede before heading south to almost the USA and to a place called Trail before turning north into the real Rockies and Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. I took time out to visit the Icefields in the National Park, while I was there I replaced a rear wheel bearing and headed north and to the Alaskan Highway………..

I have worked out that I have done approximately 19000km to date that is just a guess as the odometer failed at 13000……….is that a good omen i hope it is….

so folks that’s it for now……

Diddy Dave”