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dd-homerHomer is a city located in Kenai Peninsula Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska. According to the 2010 Census, the population is 5,003. One of Homer’s nicknames is “the cosmic hamlet by the sea”; another is “the end of the road”.

Daves Report from 10/09/2009

“Where am I? Homer, Alaska guys…..what a place……
Anyway up date for you from leaving the blue grass festival and heading for anchorage….the drive is easy now but i still take a few days to get to anchorage stopping of at Mt Mckinley, I stayed in Anchorage over the weekend to see what a large town is like and also to meet up with some people i’d met at blue grass and to have a few drinks and eat a real site down meal with a table cloth.
The drive down to Homer can be done in about 4hrs but I would take about 4 days to get there by turning off the main highway and calling into places like Girdwood and then the Keni Peninsula……and places like Hope, Soldotna and Anchor Point before Homer. Those are four places to date that I will I hope one day go back to……
Homer has gone to the top of the list….   just by a short lead…..  I know I will be back as I have unfinished work to do……..
so what happened here, not long after I arrived the local paper tracked me down…..  can we do an article on your trip…..  ”I don’t do that type of stuff” I said, I have been asked a few times on my journey but have said no…….but this time it felt ok so i said yes and as it turned out it was a nice short article……..trouble was it made me headline news in Homer,so as I drove round people would wave…….the lady at the gas station would come out and serve me and I got invites all over…..
Not only that while i was getting interviewed at the book shop a guy stopped when he saw the mini…..his name was Bill de Creeft and he has a collection of cars, Jags and others plus a 1962 997cc Austin Cooper…   and the deal turned out to me stripping the mini and he will get the shell sorted and I will be back to put it together in the future, Bill is 77 and is a Bush Pilot, he has a float plane and took me up over the glaciers here….but that’s only the start of so many good things to happen here in Homer……
I went on to meet Mike Mccann also a flyer and a writer of two fantastic books that I am bringing back with me…. I had so many laughter tears in my eyes, when I took to reading them, we have become great friends…..  Mike is half Irish and he gets to Ireland once or twice a year and he is hoping to fly over to my home on mull and land on are grass airstrip some time……..
Talking of flying I have been so lucky and have been up and over so many mountains, lakes and glaciers……and have had chance to fly one of the planes myself its so hard to leave here……but i know I can and will be back,  one last thing for the guys back home, the time bandit is in port before she sets of for the bearing sea again……and bill is friends with the captain so i got a tie shirt that i get to keep for myself, signed.
well folks i head for Vancouver and will be there for the 12th Sep as Rick Higgs and the Vancouver Mini Club are expecting me for a bit of a get together….so I will only have a small report next time from Vancouver and will be back in the uk for the 2nd Oct………..and back on Mull Scotland for the 40th year of the 3 day and 2 night tour of mull car rally……
Jim from r.a.c.e has put together his 40year old Mini Clubman for me to drive and my daughter to navigate on this very special year of the rally…….i cant wait for that first stage and that 5 4 3 2 1  go……..fantastic….should be dead easy after this tour of duty……time to sign of folks…have lots of thoughts about you all…….diddy dave”