Here at Mini Sport we are always interested to hear our younger generation joining the Mini clan. We recently heard from Ross in the Isle of Man who started racing Minis when he was 10 (he is only 11 now).

Here is Ross’s story;

Ross races in the Isle of Man ministox championship, he is 11 years old, he started racing 7 weeks ago when he was 10.
The car is a 998cc standard engine with a 16mm restrictor and standard exhaust, we run both ways arround the track so no one can set to go in one direction, extra safety bars throuout the car make them about 650 to 700kg in weight, his car was built some 18 years ago and has won both the championship and the Manx sword of state many times, it was the whites and yellows championship winning car last year( no pressure then).
There are 7 races left for this season so his goal is to get used to the track and the car and also take a few hits as this is a contact sport.
Up to July 31st he has won 4 races outrite so a roof upgrade to yellow may not be too far away.
The results and pictures can be found on Onchan

Name: Ross Tunney
Age: 11
Championship: Manx ministox 10 to 16 year olds
Roof Colour: White( beginer)
History: Up to Mon 26th July done 6 meetings in his own car( 12 meetings gone so far in the championship), Hired one last year for his birhday and did one meeting.
26th July.Won the whites and yellows race (1st ever win) 2nd in 1st race(all colours), 1st in 2nd race, 2nd in 3rd race, Won the overall on the night
29th July. Won the whites and yellows again, got fired into fence on 1st all colours race, finished 4th, won the next race, got punted off again and finished 5th, finished joint 3rd on the night.
31st July. Won whites and yellows, got fired into infield again on next race, won the next one, while in the lead on last race, clipped a tractor tyre and damaged steering so pulled in, but still had a good night!!!!