Just competed for Rounds 7 & 8 at Thruxton at the weekend and will prepare full report for you later today, however just to let you know that I qualified 5th for both races after suffering head gasket problem which is another story…!!
1st race got under way and managed to get to first corner in 4th but an accident behind me unfortunately ruined my race by collecting me, however I managed to get it out the gravel and ended up 6th overall… a few panels damaged and wheel bearing failure due to gravel but all built up for Sundays race in time..!
Sundays Race was televised by Sky Sports and will be broadcasted on the 25th of next month with repeat shows, and Hayfisher productions are making a CD of the whole weekend for retailing etc.   I started again in 5th place and lap 3 was leading, lots of drafting and titanic battles every lap with lead changes between 6 of us for whole race which made it a mega exciting race, however last lap, last bend at the chicane we were 4 abreast going in and I managed to get the WIN in what has been described as one of the best Miglia races for years… couldn’t have worked out better for us with the TV etc, and I made sure that the TV interview included a massive thanks to Minisport, as with your support this dream was possible….
Thank you so much for your support and hope that this TV show and plug along with a retail CD is away of repayment to you all…
Full race report will follow later Chris and thanks again…
Kind Regards
Your Race Driver

Dave Drew