We are currently  manufacturing a new batch of alloy 1.5:1 Roller Tipped Rocker Arms. Having a roller tip allows for less friction therefore allowing more power, and reduced wear on the valve tip.

These Rocker Arms are made of high grade aluminium. The first stage is to cut them using CNC machining before being returned to the CNC machine for a second time where these are bored and drilled precisely. It is at this stage that the MAD (Motor Sport Advanced Development) team are at now.

However after this stage the parts are then sent for anodising (chemical painting) before being returned back to Mini Sport where it is again placed in the CNC machine and has the final hole bored out with minimal tolerance so that a brass? bush can be fitted.

CNC manufacturing is regularly used in production of many of our parts as it is accurate and quality control is assured. In this case it ensures the correct rocker ratio is achieved.

Alloy Roller Tipped Rocker Arms give the same performance increase as if using a high lift camshaft. (Fast road/Road rally specification). Not recommended for 850cc engines. This means that you can have all the advantages and performance increases that come with changing the camshaft, without having to remove the engine and having to rebuild it. You can buy these from minisport.com for just £144.76+vat