These Hardened EN26 Steel Drive Flanges are another of our Mini Sport manufactured and CNC machined products. These start life as forged discs of steel before they are engineered and CNC machined to the final product. These forged discs are then placed by hand, one by one, in our own CNC machine of which has been programmed with zero tolerance allowing us to create a consistent and quality engineered product.







This drive flange is manufactured from EN26 nickel chromium molybdenum, a very hard grade steel. This specific grade of steel is chosen because chromium not only brings resistance to corrosion and oxidation but also high temperature strength and abrasion resistance. The Nickel is primarily to toughen the steel while molybdenum maintains this toughness making it ideal for use in fast road/rally minis where strength and resistance is very important.

These hardened steel Drive Flanges fit 8.4″ Discs on Minis from 1984 -2001 and come complete with four, wheel studs. You can find them at