Our Mini Bogus 2 is near completion. The final touches are being made before it begins its journey around the UK, attending shows.











Today the SCP – Minator 5.0X10 alloys along with the Yokohama A008 165/70R10 tyres arrived with a new set of door handles and an air filter. These will be fitted before MiniWorld borrow it in a weeks time and take it down to Himley Hall for British Mini Day on May 8th before going to the London to Brighton Show and then on to the Beaulieu Mini Cooper Day as well as a few smaller events inbetween. So it will be a busy summer for our Bogus 2.

It is an exceptional example and it is only fair to let you, the mini fans, view and admire it too. I hope you all attend the events as all of them are a great day out!