We are just about half way through a big order of our Superfins Brake Drums so i thought it would be a good opportunity to fill you in on how we make them!

These brake drums start off at Mini Sports own engineering department MAD (Motor Sport Advanced Development) where they machine a cast iron ring of which eventually lines the inside of the drum. This iron ring is then sent away to a local company to be cast in aluminium. This creates the drum.

When MAD receive the drum back they skim it and bore it with minimal tolerance. Each part is de-burred, cleaned and checked before it is passed to be fit to sell as another, high quality, Mini Sport manufactured product.






These Alloy Superfins Brake Drums with Spacer are a direct replacement to all ’84 onwards Mini rear drum brakes with no modifications required.

This superior light weight alloy brake drum has been uniquely designed with 25% extra fins for better cooling efficiency, along with a built in spacer giving extra strength and rigidity, and still weighs 50% less than the original. These are currently priced at £95.95+vat and can be found on the Mini Sport website