Tran-X have been manufacturing and developing clutch plate limited slip differentials for many years and this is clear in their products. This Mini LSD is of a plate type design. This means they use a series of clutch plates, rather than gears to provide the locking action.






A common characteristic of the plate design is a ‘knocking’ sound at slow speeds especially when turning and pulling off slowly. This ‘knocking’ is not a fault with the LSD or drive train and occurs when the plates tension themselves and because there is no locking action at slow speeds. It is a Motorsport LSD and this noise is part of the differentials operation.

This LSD comes with a duel ramp block fitted, which means there are two different ramp angles on one reaction ring. Add to this the two preload settings means you have four different set ups supplied with each unit! This means the LSD can be assembled to your preferences whether it be grip or driver friendliness that you prefer.

This is a new part at Mini Sport but there is only limited stock so get it whilst you can!