Engineering is something we have in our blood up in Lancashire. We were brought up on stories of local heroes such as Henry Royce, who built his first car here in 1904. A couple of years later he formed a partnership with C.S. Rolls, another local man.

Turn the clock back a century and a half and you would find Stevenson’s “Rocket” conveying its passengers across the North West at speeds that had them clutching onto their flat caps.

It was the Industrial Revolution and its engineers that made the country famous, and its a tradition we are proud to carry on today.

All the work, of which includes Engine balancing, Block Reboring, Hone Finishing and Refacing, Crankshaft Machining and Pressure Testing to name a few, is carried out by our fully trained, experienced craftsmen, ensuring the highest level of quality control.





Our cams and cranks are ground with precision that would bring a nod of approval from Mr Royce, although our low prices may well raise his eyebrows in surprise, and there’s no telling what he would make of our computer aided machinery! The same can be said of our performance engines and kits, not forgetting that Mini Sport are also recognised world leaders in the production of modified performance cylinder heads.



Our successful involvement in motorsport through the decades has proved we really do have the winning formula. Our service too, is typical of the North of England, in spite of offering a precision-made product and a reliable service at a sensible price, we still find time to chat and give technical advice to make sure you’ll really get the best out of our products. You’ll find all the performance parts you need, right down to the last thrust washer – so next time you start talking engineering make sure it’s in a Lancashire accent.