If you have been following the Mini Sport Blog recently you will have read about the Mini Clubman that came in last week for an M.O.T. and pre-race check-up only to have to stay for new, rear inner wheel arches and rear subframe due to corrosion and rust.

Bilstein Shock Absorder Fitted in Mini Sport Garage

Whilst the Mini is in the garage the owner took the opportunity to have some brand new Bilstein Shock Absorbers fitted too. The Mini Sport mechanics have now fitted these along with the new subframe. However another minor problem was unearthed whilst the Shock Absorbers were being fitted as there seemed to be some play in certain areas of the steering rack. So it looks like the Clubman will be staying with us for a little while longer as the Mini Sport Mechanics fit a brand new Mini Sport Quickrack Steering Rack 2.2 Turns.

This should be the last of the work we will be doing with this visit but the Clubman will be back later in the year when it is more available. The welding on the rear arches is only a temporary measure so when the Mini returns it will have the rear arches and boot floor replaced with a Mini Sport Genuine Boot Floor Assembly – with Battery Box and Mini Sport Inner Rear Wheel Arches.