You may remember a recent post, earlier in the week, about a Mini Clubman in the Mini Sport Garage of which was undergoing pre race checks and an M.O.T. This should have been reasonably straight forward but having found a lot of rust and corrosion within the inner rear arches it has become slightly more complicated. When taking a closer look at the inner arches it became apparent that the the rear subframe has corroded along its top, upper side too meaning a completely new rear subframe! This is no problem for our skilled mechanics however who are now working hard to replace the subframe and inner rear arches.






Here you can see the corroded rear subframe of which we are replacing. Im sure you will agree it has seen better days!

After carefully removing the old subframe our skilled technician then precisely seam welds the new rear subframe (for additional strength) before it is fitted along with the arches, back onto the Clubman.

John Williams, the owner of the Clubman is still hoping to attend the Harewood Hill Climb on the 14th May, so there is a deadline pending, but this should be no problem for the Mini Sport team!