Mini Sports Fitting and Service Centre is equipped with highly skilled , fully trained and experienced technicians, available to service your car.

Like any vehicle, your Mini needs servicing regularly to keep it in the best condition and to maintain its value. Only at Mini Sport you will find Mini-specific tools and the latest computerised diagnostic equipment specifically for your Mini. Mini Sport use original Mini parts, OE parts or Special equipment parts, designed and engineered by Mini Sport to fit and perform perfectly with your vehicle.

Wheel Balancing Machine at Mini Sport

Here are just a few of the services available:

Oil and Filter Service – Includes Millers Classic Oil 20/50, Oil Fliter, Air Filter and Sump Plug Washer. All Mini models  – £74.00

Brake Fluid and Water System Service – Includes replacing Brake fluid, Water in the Cooling system with Anti Freeze, Radiator cap and Screenwash. All Mini models – £99.00

Electric system service – Includes Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Leads (silicone), Sports Coil, Points, Condensor & Rotor Arm. Mini Carburettor models only – £107.00


Mini Sport MOT checks and repairsTracking/ Wheel Alignment service – Includes front wheel tracking/ alignment service and rear wheel alignment check. All Mini models (dependant on type of suspension fitted) from £25.00

MOT Testing – Includes a pre MOT check, MOT test and certificate. All Mini models £65.00

Please note that we do welcome other cars that are not Minis!