Although we have already given you our report on the Riviera Run I thought we would share MiniWorlds too as it was them who took our Mini Bogus the distance to Newquay and back and can tell us their opinion on how Bogus performed! 

‘Thanks to everyone who helped to make the event a memorable one, and despite the heavy showers during the show on Sunday we hope you all had a good weekend.

Saturday night saw some of the best fancy dressing to grace the Mini show calendar, with Cat in the Hat taking the honours alongside junior entrants, Mario and Luigi. Crazy stuff! As usual, I then found some Mini club mates and headed to town – with four Teletubbies this year.

Bogus 2 behaved excellently during the run and journey home, making the drive a real treat for team MiniWorld. The new taller diff ratio certainly made motorway cruising easier.

I would describe the drive as noisy, hot, uncomfortable and all round brilliant, if that makes sense. The Mini Sport 7 port and Canems ECU / Jenvey throttle bodies make an impressive engine package for the road and you have to love the sound of straight cut drop gears and gearbox. No it’s not broken, it’s supposed to sound like that…

Problem now is that I too want a Mini Sport 7 port head, so quite an expensive weekend all in.

The show and shine was well-attended as usual, and I’m always impressed by the concours pros chamois leathering their Minis in between every shower, only to see them get wet again – that’s dedication!’


You can also read this report on the MiniWorld website!