Mike Garstang came in to Mini Sport yesterday with his Mark 1 Mini Cooper S to give it a run on our rolling road.

He had previously been in to use the rolling road but our mechanics advised him to make some alterations to his distributor so he went away and resolved the issue before coming in again yesterday. The Mini showed good potential but it didnt get as far as having a full power run.

After the time on the rolling road the mechanics here at Mini Sport had a good discussion with Mike to establish what could be done to make the car more competitive and advised him that a better Camshaft would help immensely as their seemed to be a problem with his current one.

In the meantime though he is going to get some miles in before attending the Diamond Jubilee Barbon Hill Climb held by the Westmorland Motor Club this weekend. By attending the Hill Climb he intends to find out just where the car is at in comparison to competitors. He will be back in next week to make a decision as to which Mini Sport Camshaft he wants, unless they find the problem with his current Camshaft on further inspection.

This is a brilliant example of the attitude we have here at Mini Sport. Our mechanics really do love their ‘job’ and are always willing to give advice when possible and help you get the best out of your Mini by providing their expert opinions!