Mini Sports dedicated engineering team not only manufacture products but also develop them too. Quite often these developments are for our competitive rally team such as the new floor mounted pedal box, but customers will see the benefits of this research and development, as often parts are created as a product of the knowledge we gain from our testing.








After lots of research and and careful design and engineering the parts are then tested and used on the rally cars. The drivers will give feedback and this is taken into consideration. The product evolves using this cycle until it is of the highest quality before it is created as a showroom product. Rallying isn’t just fun for us but also a chance to test new parts and ideas.








We are developing a floor mounted pedal box primarily because of the amount of space it frees up but with it being made of lightweight materials, weight is an obvious attraction too. It is also more of an ergonomically considered solution, therefore being more comfortable to use.