We currently have a MkII Morris Mini Cooper in our Garage of which is having extensive work done to it. Steve Baily has bought this car wanting to realise an old ambition, to restore and tune an old Mini and we here at Mini Sport are more than happy to help.

The job is essentially a complete new gearbox and engine being dropped in. Steve has provided us with a brilliantly renovated 1275 engine that has been bored out to 1380. The customer also provided us with some pre-bought products to fit, such as an Oil Cooler and K&N Air Filter of which goes with his HS4 SU Carburettor.

This engine will require more than just a a Filter and Oil Cooler to work though. The parts that Mr Baily bought off Mini Sport before hand will be accompanied by lots more new parts to make sure that the engine not only gets to the spec the customer wants but also runs nice and smoothly.

















There will also be need for a couple of Mini Sport Gearbox Steadies for the new gearbox accompanied by a new Clutch Plate, Mini Sport Pressure Plate and Mini Sport Clutch Diaphragm to ensure consistently smooth gear changes, a Fuel Filter/Regulator-Alloy BowlAldon Distributor Assembley (with electronic igniter), Stage 2 Hi Flow Maniflow Exhaust LCB Manifold with a Maniflow Side Exit Exhaust System, Cooper S Standard 3 Core Radiator with a 11 Blade plastic Fan to maintain optimum running temperature, a Spin On Oil Filter Head to supply and a Centre Oil Pick Up Pipe to make sure the Engine always has a healthy supply of Oil.

But before all this is fitted though, their is a suspension knock on the front drivers side that needs looking at! Our mechanics are well under way though with the suspension fixed and the engine already dropped in and mounted.