The Rolling Road at Mini Sport is now open and ready for business again! The rolling road at Mini Sport is now back to its normal opening hours of 9-5 every Thursday and Friday and 9-1 on a Saturday.

A standard rolling road power run at £30 will consists of 1 run on the rolling road where your car, whether it be a Mini or not, will be taken through the gears to get a reading of your bhp from both the flywheel and the wheels themselves. You will be able to see this for yourself as we will print off a copy of your results. The print-off should show you just what power is being produced at what time, allowing you to asses your own car however the readout is always accompanied by some friendly advise from Mini Sports experienced rolling road expert Rob, who runs our rolling road. Many customers have been pleased to receive our expert advise, even if they haven’t been happy with their results.

We have also opened the rolling road for Dyno Days before, letting clubs come and spend the day at Mini Sport and its members have power runs on the Rolling Road for knock down prices as we do give group discounts.  The latest rolling road event was the Oldham and District Dyno Day . The Oldham and District Mini Club also enjoyed a tour of our premises and they reported back that they thoroughly enjoyed their day out.

Other services on the rolling road include full tuning. We are able to do this for a wide range of cars, from a standard four cylinder engine to eight cylinder engines whether it is without carburettors or with multiple carburettors and this service starts at only £60!

The Mini Sport Rolling Road along with the invaluable experience and advice of our mechanics is a great deal and good value you will find hard to beat!