As well as the Beaulieu Mini Cooper Day and the International Mini Meet this weekend it is also the Quay for My Car season at Poole and this weekend on the 10th June is the “Mini Magic” day where you can show your Mini on the Quay side, or just go along and have a look at some of the Minis on display.

MiniWorld are heading down to Hampshire tonight on their way to Beaulieu, with our Mini Bogus2. The Bogus2 is an exceptional example of a Mini. We made sure it was made with the upmost care and attention to detail and we used as many of our own, high quality manufactured products as possible, including the Mini Sport 7 Port Cylinder Head. If you can’t make Quay for My Car to see our Bogus2 don’t worry as the next stop on the Bogus2 summer travels is National Mini Cooper Day at Beaulieu!

So there are plenty of Mini Events for you to choose from this weekend and if you don’t see us you will see MiniWorld with our Mini Bogus2!