Mr Overson has come to Mini Sport again today with one of his selection of Minis. He is not the proud owner of just one Mini but three. Along with his Mk5 Mini Mayfair that he has brought in today, he also has a Mini MOKE and a Woody. However the reason he has brought his Mini in today is to have a full Mini Performance Handling Kit with KYB gas Shock Absorbers fitted along with Suspension Cones.

This kit includes one of our many Mini Sport manufactured products, the Tie Rod. In fact we have just started producing a new batch of Tie Rods today too. These Rods are expertly turned twice by our well trained engineers, once at each end, before being welded. Here you can see the Tie Rod having just been turned, but still clamped into the CNC Machine.→

Our stock levels are constantly checked so that we know what we need to manufacture next, therefore ensuring we can always supply you with quality Mini Sport manufactured products.

The handling kit has now been fitted to Mr Oversons car and is ready for a quick test drive over our local speed bumps before being declared another successful job by our skilled and experienced mechanics.