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Mini Clubman preparing for Richard Burns Memorial Rally

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Today we have had a Mini Clubman in the Mini Sport Garage. The Clubman is no stranger to Mini Sport as it is made nearly completely from Mini Sport parts. The 1380 16V Twin Cam Clubman is driven by Rob Meynell and is one of only a few Mini Clubmans rallying in the UK. The last time this Mini competed was at The Tour of Mull where a crash resulted in a complete new shell. Now the car is repaired and in need of just a few tweeks, such as the suspension set up which we are doing today.







The Richard Burns Memorial Rally is a big event that draws hundreds of competitors and this year the new MINI WRC team will be attending, testing their car on the asphalt of the  Marham Air Strip as will Rob Meynell as it is his first outing in the Clubman since its rebuild. However he is thinking of taking the car to Harewood Hill Climb before hand to give it a well needed run in.

The Mini is quick and in the capable hands of Rob Meynell we expect it to win a few classes this year. Rob has been rallying for several years and his previous Mini came 1st in class nearly every other event. If he can adjust to drive the Clubman half as well as his previous Mini it will become a very successful partnership.

Here is video of the Clubman on its way out of Mini Sport. Turn up the volume and listen to the beautifully tuned, twin carburettor engine.

We wish him luck for the events ahead and hope to keep you updated on how he does at the Richard Burns Memorial Rally.


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  1. That’s a very tidy engine bay. Good wiring harness. I note you’ve copied the Australian Clubman with the removable bonnet catch panel. I assume the class precludes the use of fuel injection. What a beast that would be.
    Very impressive build – nice to start with a new shell, huh?



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