Many people still believe that Mini Sport only deal with classic Minis but this is not true as we love all Minis old or new. For example, yesterday a new MINI Cooper S arrived in our garage with a rattle which occurred around three and a half thousand revs. Our mechanics first thought was that it is probably the tensioner causing the irritating noise but after replacing this part the rattle still persisted.

This left left our mechanics scratching their heads a little but they soon found the culprit. After a quick look at the camshaft it became apparent that the number one cylinder exhaust lobe had failed. You can see just what the problem is in the picture.









↑As you can see the lobe has eroded away leaving a rough surface. It should look like the load on the left side, which would leave the camshaft running smoothly instead of ‘rattling’. The solution to this is to fit a complete new camshaft as you can’t just fit a new load. This will be fitted today by our mechanics before having its oil and oil filter changed (to ensure no parts of the lobe are in the oil) and then it can be sent on its way. The mechanics are happy to work on the MINI as it gave them a change from the usual classic Minis.