The Green Mini is now ready to leave Mini Sport. Having arrived at Mini Sport with substantial damage having been involved in a crash the Mini needed several new panels, front and back, before being prepared for paint. The last time I updated you on the Mini it had just been given its final coat of paint. Since then it has been touched up, had decals applied and been both buffed and hand polished.

You may have noticed that it doesn’t really look complete as their is no interior or lights etc. but this is going to be done by the owner himself. It is always nice to have a customer who has time for his Mini and likes to tinker with it although we would love to finish the job ourselves and see the Mini complete and finished.

We hope the owner is happy with his newly painted Mini! If you want any information about the Body Shop and Spray Centre please visit our website. Alternatively you can callĀ 01282 778731 and get a quote too.