The Mini that was being prepared for its first coat of paint has now been primed.. and had the roof painted! so it is now ready for its final coat of paint, nearly.

Before the Mini can be finally coated in a nice shade of … it must be flattened. This means our technician needs to run over it again with some fine sandpaper and make sure there are no imperfections in the primer coat. This needs to be done at every stage in order to make sure the paint has the smooth finish you would expect.

After the primer coat, as you can see, our Mini Sport technician has painted the roof. This perhaps is one of the simpler pieces of masking as it just requires tape around the edge with a plastic sheet securely stuck to it, covering he whole car ensuring no overspray. Although this is probably harder than it looks to do well!







The next stage will be to mask off the roof and spray paint the car as evenly as possible, and of course paint the doors too. I will keep you updated on this so watch out for the next post!