You may remember in the last Mini Sport Body Shop progress update that we have started our first Mini renovation in the newly renovated premises. The Mini had been crashed into whilst parked outside the owners home and needs not just a new front end but a rear end too so their was extensive damage with lots to replace.

Some of the parts include a Genuine Back Panel Lower Half Repair – 1967-2001 and a Genuine Boot Lid – Mk3, 1990-2001. And at the front, a Genuine Front Wing with Side Repeater – RH, 1986-2001 and a matching left hand side wing with aerial hole. The bonnet and bumper will also be replaced along with many other panels, brackets, hinges and mountings.

When you last saw the Mini most of this had been fitted and had had any dents or rust that was left attended to. Since then it has had more filler used to fill in any spaces where there had been rust etc. and then smoothed.

← Here you can see the Mini being masked up, ready for paint. Notice the new, black panels!


Today our Mini Sport Body Shop technician finished smoothing down the bodywork and applied a basic mask so that the Mini can be coated with primer. You can see the car in the spray booth here, with just the doors needing to be added before spraying commences.

↓ You can also see that this was a really well kept Mini before the accident as the scuttle panel, that is usually prone to rusting, is completely rust free and is without a single bit of filler.. nearly!