Mr Hayes was in over the weekend to put his green 1430 Mini with Split Webbers. He runs this car in the CNC Heads North West Sport/Saloons Championship although this year he is only entering a few events.

He brought his Mini in to go on the rolling road and test its performance. It is suspected to be losing power and our man Rob in sales, thought this could possibly be put down to a broken Valve Spring but also thinks it could do with a new Distributor and Ignitor.

Our mechanic in the Mini Sport garage had a look at the valve spring and found they were fine but did replace the Distributor and Ignitor with an Aldon Fast Road Distributor – 59D – Yellow and an Aldon Electronic Ignitor – Lucas 45D Distributor, 1974-1980 as well as a new Pro Spark Ignition Lead Set – Fast Road – Silicone Cable.

After this, we decided to put it back on the rolling road for a power run and test whether the problem had been solved. It seems to have worked as it got a reading of 139bhp at the engine – 3bhp more than the last time we gave this Mini a proper power run… 5 years ago!

As you can see from the pictures, Thomas Moseley also came in to Mini Sport again today, with his green Mighty Mini, preparing it for Brands Hatch this weekend. He is having the tracking set again along with a quick run on the rolling road so that he can discuss any possible tweeks or tuning with our mechanics and sales team. Tom is starting to become a familiar face here at Mini Sport and we are always willing to help the young driver, who is enthusiastic and willing to learn about the Mini that he loves racing!

We wish him the best of luck for the weekend!