We had another visit from Mike Garstang yesterday, with his MkI Mini Cooper S. Last time he was here the MkI Mini Cooper S was on the Rolling Road and our mechanics advised him that their could be a problem with the Camshaft.

On further inspection and discussion yesterday it became apparent that the Camshaft hadn’t been timed properly as Mike had fitted it himself but not used a DTI (Dial Test Indicator) Gauge. A quick check revealed the inlet valve was only opening 102 degrees before top dead centre.

Mike came to Mini Sport with his Mini already stripped down leaving the Mini Sport mechanics just the job of timing using the DTI Gauge. The inlet valve should be set at 106 degrees before top dead centre, as according to Kent who make the¬†SuperSports ”R” – Scatter Rally, Slot Drive¬†Camshaft. This means that it was out by 4 degrees.

Mr Garstang is now going to go away and build up his Coopers engine again before returning to Mini Sport for another run on our Rolling Road.