Alan Bentley brought his Mini into Mini Sport last week to have it fitted with a roll cage as well as some new bucket seats. Alan will be driving into Europe in his Mini soon and the roll cage and seats are being fitted for that little bit of extra safety.. as well as a bit of rally styling!






After the interior is stripped, our technician placed the rear roll cage into the Mini and marked out where the roll cage sits and where he is to weld metal plates to the car in order to attach the roll cage correctly. Then the roll cage is removed again so that the welding can commence. Manouvering the roll cage in and out of the Mini isn’t as easy as it sounds as I am sure our technician will testify. All the necessary welding is done before the roll cage is fitted and attached at the rear. The front roll cage and door bars are then attached after the back half has been installed with the front half being considerably easier to fit as it only needs to be bolted.


Once in and fitted the cars interior can be put back in place, with the addition of a coupleCobra Monaco Pro Bucket Seats in the front. These seats are bolted in and accompanied by a Securon 4 point harness. The car is now looking extremely safe and sturdy and ready to drive any roads that Europe throws at it.

Alan is going to be blogging about his trip on a facebook page he has set up.