Here at Mini Sport we always try to provide our customers with the very best and latest parts for their Minis. We are always at the forefront of development for Minis, creating upgraded parts that are often modestly priced too. The 5 Speed Gearbox for Minis, The Superfin Brake Drums and of course the 7 Port Cylinder Head are just a few examples of Mini Sports ingenuity.

All these parts have been built and designed from the start, here at Mini Sport in our engineering departments Motorsport Advanced Developments (MAD) and HiTech Engineering. To maintain this high level of ingenuity and high quality we need the highest trained staff using the best equipment and that is why we are commited to hiring young, promising apprentices. One of our latest apprentices, Ben Anderson is in his 3rd year of training as a CNC Engineer.

Ben was recently entered into WorldSkills UK. WorldSkills UK is a careers based organisation that holds annual competitions for young people across a wide range of professions in order to encourage the growth of skillfull individuals. Ben had to download and complete a task set by WorldSkills UK before submitting his work before a deadline.

Only a select few were chosen out of those who submitted their work. Our engineer is one of only 3 third year apprentices that are through to the final, meaning he is one of the top 3, 3rd year apprentices in CNC Engineering in the country.

The milling and turning finals were held this week and we are pleased to say our apprentice did well. Competitors are all scored out of a hundred on several areas such as finish and speed however no one did well enough to obtain a medal this year. The cut off mark for a Bronze was an overall score of 68% and Ben managed a score of 66%.. so close yet so far! The silver lining however was that Ben our Mini Sport apprentice was one of the highest scoring there and picked up lots of useful tips and information as well as being the only competitor to receive a “highly commended” badge.

We here at Mini Sport are certainly very proud of our young engineer and pleased to have him working for us, using his skills to create quality Mini parts for you!