Mr Barnes has brought his 1275 Mini into Mini Sport today to have a new tuning kit fitted. He has visited us before to have a Stage 1 Tuning Kit fitted but this was some time ago and now he would like to step up the performance once again.

We had a mechanic straight onto the job, carefully removing the cylinder head and other parts, preparing the Mini before adding the brand new Stage 3 Cylinder Head and 1.5:1 Mini Sport Alloy Roller Tip Rockers.

However the Mini Sport Superflow Side Exit Exhaust System, Manifold and Twin 1.1/2″ SU Carb Kit was not fitted as Mr Barnes was happy with the existing Exhaust System from when he had his Stage 1Tuning Kit fitted and he has his own Carburettor fitted. This means he is essentially having a new cylinder head plus a few little extras such as  a Cylinder Head GasketExhaust/Inlet Manifold GasketRocker Pedestal Spacer and a few other small components.

The cylinder head alone should add enough performance though as it is competition quality, with increased size inlet valves and original size exhaust valves with extra strong double valve springs. Increased compression ratio. Fully gas flowed, polished and ported with balanced combustion chambers.


Here is the Stage 3 Cylinder Head Specification:

* Oversize 37mm inlet valves
* 29mm exhaust valves
* Extra strong double valve springs
* Steel valve guides
* Unleaded valve seats