The Mini Sport Rolling Road is not just for Minis and today is a perfect example. Whilst we have had a couple of Minis on the rolling road today we have also had a Lotus Elan and a Vauxhall Chevette.

First thing this morning we had Mr Flanagen visit us with his Woseley Hornet. He wanted us to give the Hornet a quick check over before he takes it to the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power which is being held Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire on the 15th to the 17th of July. The weekend will be full of supercars, superbikes and anything poweful or quick as it is a celebration of power and performance. Entertainment will include motor racing, power boating, aerobatics and military action along with fireworks and music.

The second car to rest its wheels on our rolling road was Mr Bushbys Lotus Elan. Mr Bushby recently bought the Elan of Tiger Racing as a partial project after looking around for one for a while. While this particular one wasn’t completely finished it gave Mr Bushby a chance to get to know the car a bit better and having been an electrician, he has no problem with the wiring. The car was brought in to be checked over as their a still plenty of little niggles that need attending to but more specifically it was the Carburettor that was subject to our technicians scrutiny today.


Next in, after dinner, was a Vauxhall Chevette, property of Mr Ellison. His reason for coming in was for a general checkup more than anything else but there was a small backfire at high speed too that he wanted checking.



The last car of the day was a Mini. It was only a fleeting visit from Mr Bentley and his Mini though. His carburettors had seen better days and their wasn’t much point in continuing on the rolling road.

The range of cars we see at Mini Sport on the Rolling Road is quite diverse. We not only see Minis and classic cars but more modern cars too. Its a pleasure to see a new car on the rolling road although we never get bored of tinkering with Minis and Carburettors!

If you want to book a session on the Mini Sport Rolling Road then please call 01282 778731.