On the 9th and 10th of July the British Mini Clubs annual British Mini Showdown was being held at Shakespeare County Raceway It is a unique event that compliments the BMC’s extensive show portfolio. Believe it or not, owners of classic Minis take drag racing very seriously as they try for the top times, racing against the clock, over a quarter of a mile. MiniWorld took our Mini Bogus 2 and were no different, giving their upmost to get the best time possible.

In 2010 John Haston set an amazingg time of 12.63 seconds to claim the ‘Quickest A Series Mini In The World’ crown in his turbo Mini, while the ‘Quickest Mini In The World’ title still belongs to the incredible Mini of Stuart Mead’s who finished in 9.79 seconds, set the previous year in 2009. Stuart, who’s Mini runs an incredible 650bhp from a Zetec ST170 engine was the competition for our Bogus in its 1st run… no pressure then! Here you can see our Bogus2 lining up next to Stuart Mead →

However not many Minis clock times this good, with most 1275s running low 18 second times and with one regular competitor expecting our Bogus2 to stop the clock at about 16 seconds MiniWorld set this as their target. After a couple of runs to judge how the Bogus launches, the MiniWorld team put in a few good runs and recorded a run of 15.295 seconds, reaching 92.03mph! This was a good time yet the MiniWorld driver thinks the Bogus2 could have gone that little bit faster still, with a set of Yokohama A032Rs on.

The A-Series engine is morally still the king but there are more and more Vauxhall V-Tec and Motorbike Powered Minis attending every year as well as plenty of new MINIs. With such an array of Minis now attending their is now no more than 11 categories for you to compete in, meaning you will always been in with a fighting chance of winning you class! So be sure to mark this event down in your calendar for next year as it is a brilliant event, letting you not only look at a superb selection of Minis, but give you a chance to compete against them too!

MiniWorld will have a video of the run online soon and we will make sure you get the link, so be sure to keep an eye out!