Mini Sport will soon have an extensive range of Light Weight Carbon Fibre and Twintex Body Panels on sale. The range includes Carbon Fibre Foot Wells, Rear Seats Back Panel and Parcel Shelf along with both front and rear Inner Wheel Arches, made of Twintex.

The new Carbon Fibre panels are created by making a cast of the required area we wanted to create – the negative. From this we then create a positive mould of which we can then use to create the final carbon fibre panels.

A fabric mat is applied to the mould before the resin is applied by a technician according to requirements set. The fabric mat is made of fine fibres composed of carbon atoms, which are woven into a fabric and can then be easily formed to follow the curvatures of the mould.

The Twintex panels are made with a completely different process. A material composed of thermoplastic and glass fibres is formed across the required mould in a fabric state, then vacuum bagged and heated, where the plastic fibres liquefy and reform to produce a solid protective layer around the glass fibre reinforcement. Twintex is being used for the Inner Arches as its properties include excellent stiffness to weight ratio and also superior impact properties, making it an ideal material for an inner arch.

These products should be on sale very soon so watch this space!