This morning Mr Odgie came in to Mini Sport with his Drag Car. He had a problem with his fuelling and wanted an expert opinion about his Carburettor so booked a Rolling Road session with our technician Rob who has got unparalleled experience with Carburettors.

Mr Odgies car was painstakingly built up from the ground by himself. It runs a Ford 100E Side Valve 1172cc Engine, mounted on a Ford Pop Chasis. He has made his own suspension for it but used the back axel off the 100E and the Gearbox off a Ford 105E to get 4 gears rather than the 3 gears that the engines original gearbox would give him.


Mr Odgie likes to test his car on the drag strip a couple times a year by attending the Flathead Meltdown, the world’s only heads-up drag racing event strictly for flathead-powered cars. The flathead engines (internal combustion engine with valves placed in the engine block beside the piston)
were the basis of the original Hot Rod engines but these days, have fallen out of favour for the over head valve engine where the valves are in the Cylinder Head. Mr Odgie also uses the car on the road regularly, enjoying the retro engine on a daily basis.

Its great to see something so different come into Mini Sport and it is also a great example of the range of cars we deal with.

You can book a rolling road session at Mini Sport, Padiham by calling 01282 778731.