Mini Sport have just received a fresh batch of ‘Keeping Your Mini Alive’ magazine which features our Mini Bogus 2. The Bogus is our showcase Mini which we built in conjunction with MiniWorld Magazine. The Bogus started life as nothing more than a worn out, old and rusty Mini and this magazine is a step-by-step guide to how we transformed it into the Mini it is today.

The magazine, whilst talking you through the decisions and processes also gives you tips and hints to get the most out of your build and your money. This is a Bible for those who are rebuilding their own Mini and cannot be underestimated. The Bogus was built by a team with a wealth of skill and experience and this knowledge is shared only in ‘Keeping Your Mini Alive’ 6th Edition.

With many now in stock why not add one to your next order. If you need any information on any area of the Mini it is likely to be in there, from Bodywork and Subframes to the Engine Fitting and Tuning. It even includes the finishing touches!

At only £4.95 this a bargain and a great read!