This morning we had a MINI Clubman arrive on the Mini Sport doorstep ready for a face lift. It had come for a new R55 Clubman JCW Body Kit. The kit which had just arrived fresh from from BMW ready painted was taken over to the bodyshop to be fully assembled, ready to fit.

The first job was to remove the existing front bumper and grille which our technician did carefully as he needed to reuse the clips. Once removed it was time to fit the new air vents that come as part of the new kit. To do this, holes had to be cut into the wheel arch liner meaning the removal of the wheels. The air intakes were then placed in position between the wheel liner and bumper before being fixed in place, although this was quite a tight squeeze.








With everything removed and all the fixings needed in place our technician could attach the new front bumper. before adding the new grille surround and finally the grille itself.

As this is a Body Kit their was still the side skirts and back bumper to fit so our Body Shop technician quickly put the wheels back on before quite literally popping off the side skirts as he did not need these clips for the new JCW Body Kit. The side skirts are a quick job compared to the front bumper and just need carefully clipping in.

Next was the rear bumper and its parking sensors. First thing was to unclip the rear wheel arches so that the bumper could be unclipped. Once the bumper is loose our technician detaches the sensors and removes the bumper. Now it is just a simple case of reattaching the sensors and attaching the old sill to the bumper before securing it in place.

Next up was a quick check, making sure everything is securely in place and attach the registration plates leaving the the owner to drive the car away.

If you would like a Body Kit fitting in the Mini Sport Body Shop or a quote for any damage repair please call 01282 778731.