There is currently a Mini in our Bodyshop having extensive bodywork done. It first entered our Bodyshop several weeks ago after being involved in an incident of some kind. Our technicians couldn’t start work on it straight away as they had to wait for confirmation from the insurance company however work commenced as soon as it could be.



The Mini took a shunt at the rear end and was in need of a new, passenger side rear quarter and rear. These were promptly removed but before this could happen, the car had to be stripped down to allow good access to these rear areas. During this process our technician noticed the doors were badly rusted along the bottom edge, as were the front wings around the arches. So we took a few quick photos and emailed them to our customer, allowing him to assess the damage without having to go out of his way. We then let him make the decision as to how much work he wanted doing, although it obviously won’t all be done under the insurance.



The Mini is now having not only new Rear, Lower Half, Repair Panel and Rear Side Panel (paid by insurance) but also new A Panels, Front Wings and Door Steps and Sills to accompany the new Doors.

This started as a relatively small Insurance Job but has escalated to become quite a large job. Our technician has years of experience dealing with Minis and believes if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well and will always point out any potential problems that have possibly been overlooked or unseen.

This extra work has obviously cost the customer but in the long run it is well worth the investment, keeping the Mini on the road for many years to come.







Here you can see the current state of the vehicle. The new panels on the rear are now in place ready to weld and front end has been stripped down in preparation for the new panels.

If you need any bodywork doing please do not hesitate to call us for a quote on 01282 778731