Today we had a visit from Jon Woodward and his recently built Mini Pickup. He started the project nearly 6 years ago to the day and although he admittedly got frustrated with the build at times, is happy with how it has turned out. And why would’t he be?

The car is immaculate, painted in Iron Grey with a Matte finish and nicely kitted out inside with custom, fibreglass dash and door panels. The dash and door panels were created by Jon himself as was the centre clocks which are original pieces recreated in aluminium. You don’t see many Mini Pickups these days and even fewer of such high quality.







The Mini Pickup has a 998cc engine which we supplied Jon with nearly a year ago. This came with a CA2 Cam, an Aldon Dizzy and Ignitor along with a set of Mini Sport engineered Superfin Brake Drums. A modest, original engine to complement the stylish but simple exterior.

The Pickup hasn’t been on the road long at all and has only one thousand miles on the clock and today it is having a run on the rolling road and being set up to be run in properly. You can see a clip of the Mini Pickup on our Rolling Road here: