After a long summer on tour with the MiniWorld gang Mini Bogus 2 has returned to Mini Sport for a service and some TLC before heading to Castle Combe Action Day on the 25th September.

Bogus 2 enjoyed a summer of traveling, up and down Britain, attending various Mini events, which included the Riviera Run back in April, Quay for my Car, Gaydon Mini Festival, The Mini Showdown at Shakespeare County Raceway, Mini Fest at Uttoxeter Race Course and most recently National Mini Day at Stanford Hall.

Many eyes have carefully inspected Bogus 2 this year, admiring the beauty and attention to detail or otherwise admiring the performance when Bogus 2 managed a run of 15.295 seconds on the quarter mile at The Mini Showdown but now the summer has ended and the seasons Mini events nearly all but over, so it is time for the Bogus 2 to receive some care and attention ready for next year.. but not before the MiniWorld Action Weekend!

This week our Bodyshop technician will be making the arches bigger and adding some modified Mini Miglia arches. This is a bigger job than you would think, with lots of welding and precise cutting to be done. You can see the work underway in the photos.





But before this got under way, our engineer attended to the Bogus 2, which he built,  servicing it and making sure it is in top condition before Canems come and remap the Bogus 2 next Tuesday. This may in fact mean the Bogus 2 will be even more impressive performance-wise than ever before but the only way to find out will be to attend Action Day at Castle Combe on the 25th September!

We hope to see you there!