Mini Sport will soon be selling ‘Fifty Years of the Mini Cooper’. This is a fantastic two disc DVD documenting the history behind the Mini Cooper, from the very start in 1961 up to the present day. The journey sees you talking to many of Motorsports legends, including Paddy Hopkirk, Paul Easter (co-driver to Timo Makinen) and Brian Culceth (co-driver to Sir Peter Moon) along with Stuart Turner and Bill Price.

Disc 1 contains the main film documenting the Mini Cooper with Disc 2 featuring ‘A Day at Mini Sport’ along with highlights of Beaulieu Mini Cooper Day 2011, A look at Paul Easters Film Archive, Extra Interview Sections along with a look at todays Mini Coopers, including Richard Casey’s Race Mini and the Prodrive WRC MINI at Rallyday.

This DVD will soon be available at Mini Sport but will also be available at for just £19.95!