About a month ago the Mini Sport Bodyshop Technician started work on a Mini that had come in for some damage repair under its insurance policy. The Mini had taken a shunt at the rear end and would need not only need a new panel but a new rear subframe too, as it had been bent as a result of the incident. If you read the previous post you will know the car ended up having several panels replaced as a result of rust and corrosion that our technician found, but of course this was not under the insurance!

Since the last post, the remaining panels have been fitted and welded in place before being prepped for Paint. The Mini then entered the New Spray Booth before having decals applied so that it it looked exactly as it should.

Yesterday the Mini was transferred from the Mini Sport Bodyshop to the Mini Sport Service and Fitting Centre to have the new rear subframe fitted and today there is just a few final touches to be made. Back in the Bodyshop our technician inserted

 and connected the fuel tank, attached the boot lid and fitted the new Alloy Wheel before giving the Mini another, final polish ensuring the customer get his Mini back in seemingly brand new condition, as you would expect it to be, leaving the Mini Sport gates.

Here you can see the before and after: