Five MiniWorld readers will have the chance to win a passenger ride in Bogus 2 this Saturday at the MiniWorld Action Day. Simply visit the MiniWorld stand there and complete an entry form and they will pick five people (aged over 16) at random.

It could be you that gets to experience the newly tuned Bogus 2 and it is as simple as filling in a form and attending a drivers briefing during the morning to collect a passenger wrist band. Crash helmets are available to rent at the circuit.

Bogus 2 drives superbly and isn’t slow either. It may be a Mini but as we all know, small cars are more fun and you will undoubtedly have fun in Bogus 2 this weekend at MiniWorld Action Day, Castle Combe.

Our beloved Bogus 2 will be heading up to Castle Combe this Saturday but before then it is due to have some new arches fitted here at Mini Sport. It was decided that Bogus 2 was going to get a nice set of Miglia Arches but we have had a change of heart and gone with a set of Monte Carlo wheel arches, maintaining the original, classic look.

Canems will now be coming into Mini Sport tomorrow to have a play with the ECU, not today like previously stated.. we can’t wait to see the improvements and you lucky few MiniWorld readers will be able to experience this first hand this weekend!